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Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement, when signed by the applicant and accepted by Circle Centre, constitutes a binding contract between Circle Centre and the individual or organization represented by the signature executed at the end of the Agreement. Membership rights, privileges, and obligations commence on the date the Agreement is signed by the membership applicant.  


Any and all membership privileges obtained through this Membership Agreement can be revoked or changed at any time by Circle Centre with prior notice to member. Notice of changes in price or payment structure will be given to members a minimum of one month in advance of change. Members may change their payment plan at anytime. Members will not be reimbursed for payments already made to Circle Centre in the event of membership cancelation or change of payment plan.


Member privileges:

  • Member has the right to participate in Circle Centre’s physical and online community

  • Member can borrow an inventory item for 7 days unless another borrowing duration is agreed on with Circle Centre staff prior to the date of borrowing.

  • Member can freely use Circle Centre materials and inventory during opening hours.

  • Members have priority when signing up for limited capacity events or workshops hosted by Circle Centre.


Member requirements:

  • Item will be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed expect in the event of normal wear on the item through appropriate item use.

  • The price of long-term rental items composes of a maintenance and deposit fee that the member needs to pay in order to borrow an item for up to 12 months.

  • In the event of excessive damage or loss, member may be held responsible for repair or replacement of an item. The deposit of long-term items will not be given back.

  • Item will be returned on time.

  • In the event of a late return, member will be responsible for any additional fees.

  • When a member returns a a long-term rental item earlier than intially agreed, still only the deposit will be reimbursed.

  • If a member wishes to extend the borrowing of a long-term (from 12 - 24 months), an extension fee will be due that equals the amount of the maintenance fee.


Circle Centre requirements:

  • Circle Centre is responsible for providing members with clean and functioning inventory items.

  • Circle Centre must give prior notice to members if changes in agreement are made.

  • Circle Centre will notify member of required return date of item and will issue a warning in the event of a late return before additional charges incur.

  • Circle Centre must give back the deposit of long-term rental items to the member after proper returnal.


Circle Centre is not liable for any injuries or harm incurred by members when using borrowed inventory items.


Member agrees they meet all requirements and will notify Circle Centre if any requirements are not met during the time of the agreement term.


Applicant’s information will be documented during membership sign up and may be updated or changed at any point of the agreement term. Member contact and personal information will not be given to any third party and will only be used by authorized Circle Centre staff to contact Members about their membership and rentals. If Member gives permission, Circle Centre may use Member’s email address for additional communication such as quarterly newsletters and updates.

No portion of this Agreement may be sold or transferred to a party not participating in this membership agreement without prior written approval.


This agreement shall remain in effect until one or more of the following occur:

  • Member fails to meet any requirements of membership

  • Agreement term lapses without further terms or agreements added

  • Circle Centre ceases to operate


All notices will be made via email to Member’s indicated preferred email address in contact information. Member may contact Circle Centre about changes Agreement in person or via email at or via direct message to Circle Centre Lund Facebook page.




I agree to the terms of the membership Agreement and authorize my electronic signature.

I authorize Circle Centre to include my previously listed email address in their mailing list.

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