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How it works

1. Become a member

Before you borrow items, become a member! The membership costs 20SEK. You only need to pay it once, and you become a member for life! Once you become a member, you have access to all the items in our inventory.

2. Browse

Circle Centre has many household and recreational items. Find the item that you like in the inventory list and message us on Facebook to reserve it. Alternatively, you are very welcome to come and browse the items in person during our opening hours.

3. Borrow

You can borrow any item for up to 7 days. Get in touch with us if you need it for longer! We use a ‘pay-what-you-want’ system: you decide how much you pay per item. We give a recommended sum per item, but the decision is completely up to you. All the profits generated will be reinvested into fixing and expanding our inventory.

  • Use the Circle Centre space and tools for personal DIY projects

  • Attend repair cafes

  • Attend workshops on sustainable living and reuse (open to non- members as well)

4. Enjoy other member benefits