Meet the team


We are the current officers at Circle Centre. All studying at Lund University, we are passionate about circular economy and sustainability. That's why we are dedicating our freetime to promote a shared and cultural consumption.

Anna Schellenberg

Team & Finance Manager

Anna is passionate about plants, digging the soil and botany. In her freetime she loves to jump up and down in the gym, eat stinky old cheese and get really into dramatic tv series. During the night she dreams about minimalistic furnished apartments, organized excel sheets and a life after capitalism.

Alicia Gowan

Inventory & Volunteer Manager

Alicia is originally from the "Great White North", also known as Canada (eh!), but came to Sweden to study her masters in environmental sustainability. Alicia is a lover of local initiatives, sharing communities, and challenging norms. Circle Centre quickly became her favourite spot in Lund! Alicia spends time in the outdoors hiking, running, and camping, but also enjoys a cozy Fredagmys or fika with friends!

Laura Heiduk

Inventory & Tech Manager

Although Laura was born on coal in the industrial region of Germany, she found her way into sustainability and started her masters in Environment and Sustainability in Autumn 2019 in Lund. Besides making lame jokes on an hourly basis, especially about herself, she enjoys going on adventures with friends and talking about her passion for water-related issues. Because water is (her) life.

Cara Siepenkort

Event Manager

Cara spends a lot of time thinking about food and loves to bring people together. She is always looking for new recipes to cook together with friends, loves animals (way too much to eat them) and is passionate about sustainable lifestyles, circularity and design.

Lena Stern

Communication Manager

Lena has always been passionate about sustainable consumption behaviors and lifestyles which is why she started her Master's degree in Sustainability Science at Lund University. Coming from Austria, in the midst of the Alps, she loves hiking and spending time in the nature. For Lena, there is almost nothing better than a good night with friends, pizza and chocolate!

Pinxi Cen

External Relations Manager

Pinxi comes from China and she quickly became amazed by how sustainable ideas can be carried out in Sweden. She studies Retail Service Management at Lund University, therefore has already seen too much of the consumer shoppers’ life. She likes travelling, going hiking, watching movies and the most important thing: photography!

Meet the board

Kyla Wilson


Kyla is from sunny Cardiff by the Sea, California. She's a cat loving, tea brewing, tree climbing rational optimist on a mission to eliminate waste. In her spare time she enjoys discussing recycling systems and Netflix original series.

Hanniyah Mir


Hanniyah enjoys learning new things but has a knack of dropping everything mid way. Her current interests include table top games, sustainable lifestyles, feminism, and languages. She thinks it is important to challenge social norms and thus is grateful to be a part of the Circle Centre project, which questions the idea of ownership.

Jessika Richter

Jessika is an American/Australian who came to Sweden in 2011 and never left! She is now a PostDoctoral researcher at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University and researching Circular Economy policies for recycling and repair of electronics. She is also active with Repair Cafes in Malmö and Lund. In the rest of her spare time, she is swimming, hiking and biking with her family.

Anna Gomes


Anna is passionate about sustainable farming, waste management, and cooking new recipes! In her free time she can be found running along farming fields listening to country music. Originally from California, she loves her days spent in beautiful Skåne on her cycle!

Egle Kareckaite


Originally from the coast of Lithuania, Eglė spent the majority of her adult life in the UK. She’s currently trying to help communities live more sustainably. Eglė loves all things Scandi noir – hence why she‘s moved to Sweden! When she is not watching crime series or reading crime novels, Eglė enjoys wondering around different cities or walking by the sea, particularly if it’s a rainy and windy day.

Yuliya Voytenko Palgan

Yuliya is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Development and a Reader in Environmental Economics at the IIIEE, Lund University. Her research focuses on strategies for sustainability solutions in new economies (i.e. sharing economy, circular economy and bioeconomy) and sustainable urban transformation. In her leisure she loves dancing ballroom and jazz, doing yoga, gardening and cycling.

Parren Fountain


Parren received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management at the University of Delaware in 2008. He then spent eight years in China and Japan working as a business development and supply chain manager.

Avital van Meijeren Karp

Avital is a hip-hop loving, vintage wearing sustainability star from Canada. She's lived all over the world and specialized in business and human rights in the Netherlands prior to starting her Master's degree at Lund University. Avital strives to limit wasteful consumption by spreading word about Circle Centre's wide range of goods including the famous doughnut maker and ice-cream machine.

Peter A Lindeblad

Peter is a business designer at IKEA, working with innovation and development of circular business models. Peter has been part of the Circular innovation team at IKEA for more than 5 years, and has experience in service design, business modelling, requirement engineering and project management. Peter has a background in business administration from the School of Economics and environmental management and policies from IIIEE. 

Interested in joining Circle Centre?

If you can identify with Circle Centre's values and want to commit some of your freetime to our mission, you are more than welcome to apply for the listed positions (unpaid). Just click on the respective button!

Support the Circle Centre Officers in their daily work, from the running of opening hours, organising the library space, marketing to other activities. Just drop us an email.

Apply to become a Circle Centre Officer and take over major responsibility for the daily work of the organisation. Join weekly teammeetings and spend approx. 5 hours per week for your voluntary work.

Apply to become a board member and help the further development of the organization. More information are listed in the application form. We are looking for professionals and more experienced members who are likely to be in Lund for a longer time-frame.


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