Share Goods, Ideas and Skills. 

Join Circle Centre and help us fight overconsumption and waste through sharing! 


Become a member, explore our Library of Goods. and borrow items for your home, new project, or next adventure.

Building a sustainable and just future through a Sharing Economy 

Circle Centre was founded to address the problem of overconsumption, which leads to degradation of environmental resources, poor working conditions, and excess waste.


We believe that by starting a Library of Goods with items that we do not need everyday, we can start changing the idea of ownership. We aim to promote more cultural consumption, rather than the material consumption of goods.


As a part of this movement, we also host open educational events and hands-on workshops focused on sustainable living and reuse. Additionally, by offering a common workspace, we aim to foster a tight-knit community of Lund where people can share not just goods, but ideas and skills as well.

The three Pillars of Circle Centre

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Library of Goods

Most of the things we have, we rarely use. Instead of buying items you only need occasionally, and having them take up space at home, you can borrow all kind of things from our Library of Goods! Saves space, money and is kinder for the planet.

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Common Workspace

Circle Centre is not just be a place to borrow items from, but also a space for members to work independently or collaboratively on their personal projects. For example, bring your fabric and use the Circle Centre sewing machine during opening hours in-house, instead of taking it home with them.


Educational Events

At Circle Centre we do not only share goods, but also ideas and skills! Join our open educational events to gain knowledge on sustainability or learn how to mend and repair your goods in one of our hand-on workshops.  Check out our upcoming events!

Centrally located at Stenkrossen, our Library of Goods is open twice per week.

Wednesday      18 - 19h 

Saturday            11- 12h 

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