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Meet the team 


We are the current officers at Circle Centre. We are passionate about circular economy and sustainability. That's why we are dedicating our free time to promote a culture of sharing in place of a culture of individual consumption.

Oscar Kemboi - Oscar Kemboi.jpg

Oscar Kemboi 

Maintenance Officer

Oscar loves fixing things and found his motivation to join Circle Centre to utilise his skills to support circularity. Originally from Kenya, he served as a community coordinator for sustainable projects, particularly focused on solar energy adoption, before moving to Sweden. When he's not working, he enjoys building websites and sharing tech tips. Oscar loves being part of a community where individuals share a common vision and have a commitment to sustainability.


Ankita Sharma

Events marketing Officer

Ankita came to Sweden from India in 2020 to study at Lund University, and has since made Sweden her home. She is passionate about art, upcycling, and reducing overconsumption through changing habits and regular individual effort. As Circle Centre's Events Marketing Officer, she hopes to connect with the community through arts and crafts and help bring about change in sustainable ways for the future of the planet

Zdjęcie WhatsApp 2024-02-14 o 19.05.30_df298ddd - Julia Wojtania.jpg

Julia Wojtania

Loan officer 

Julia came to Sweden from Poland to study Environmental Studies and Sustainability Studies. Just on her second day in the new country, she got involved with CircleCentre. Her journey with sustainability began with an interest in the zero-waste movement but later shifted towards climate activism and a passion for community-driven change. Julia enjoys journaling, embroidery, and taking care of plants in her free time.


Wictoria Larsson

Content Creation Officer

Wictoria is a masters student in Human Ecology (Culture, Power and Sustainbulity) at Lund University and comes from Skåne. She chose to get involved with Circle Centre because she believes in the importance of showing that alternatives to overconsumption do exists and can be very beneficial for people, economically, ecologically and socially. She is passionate about degrowth and appreciates the ideas behind “ordinary” libraries, sharing and open access, and therefore want to work for an organisation which is founded on the same principles, but which contains a wider range of things to borrow. She finds crafting very soothing, enjoys trips to the sea and dinners with friends.

IMG_4321 - sophie meng.JPG

Sophie Meng 

External Relations Officer 

Sophie is currently doing her Master in Human Ecology at Lund University. She is originally from China Mainland, but has also lived in the United States and Hong Kong before coming to Sweden. Her interest in lowering consumption has brought her to some lovely sharing economy initiatives in the past, and now to Circle Center. She is eager to learn from the community, experience running a LoT, and engage with like-minded people for alternatives to consumer culture to rise

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at

Charlotte Meletli

Team and Internal Relations Officer

Charlotte is first a mum! She also works and built the an educational company called Mobilizing Expertise AB in 2016 with her husband. Originally, from England Charlotte has now lived in Sweden for 8 years. Circle Centre is a great opportunity to connect with active and motivated people in the community. She is anti #fastfashion and wants to make a small difference to Lund's circular economy.

mmexport1701073868096 - Huipu Li.jpg


Inventory Officer

Huipu is a graduate student at Lund University studying environment and sustainability. Before coming to Sweden, she studied and worked in China and the US in educational development. Her passion for sustainability brought her to Circle Centre, and she hopes to help more people find what they need through Circle Centre.

317764833_1014421453283402_1442518634290475310_n - Sopo Shubitidze.jpg

Sopiko Shubitidze

Library of Things Officer

Sopiko is currently studying MsC in welfare policies and management at Lund University, but before that she has studied sociology at Charles University in Prague and has done her Bachelors in political science at Tbilisi State University. She has served as secretary general in the Georgian Greens. She has worked at various civil society organisations in Georgia and dealt with various projects covering the problems of people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and problems of education. She also has trained youths in Georgia and taught them progressive ideas, issues of social and economic equality as well as green politics. Her interests are connected to political science, social policy, sustainability and education.

IMG_4313 - Zhuoya.jpeg

Zhuoya Sang

Kit Inventory Officer

Zhuoya is a master student from China, majoring in Asian studies in Lund University. Her profound interest in sustainability has been through her previous environmental projects focused on recycling and active participation in volunteering related to waste reduction. Eager to further contribute, she becomes a part of the Circle Center, which aligns with her values. Here, she aspires to deepen understanding of the sharing economy and explore additional avenues to contribute to waste reduction efforts. Besides studies and work, she loves language learning, traveling, and participating in volunteering activities.

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027A4D2A-2089-47B5-A5F8-851BF0165FA4 - Nic S..jpeg


Nic Scholtysik 

Finance Officer

April is a master's student at Lund University, hailing from China. She joins Circle Center with a keen interest in sustainable development and a particular fascination with the operational models of the circular economy

Craft Officer

Nic Scholtysik blends her design background with her current focus on wellbeing and burnout prevention. With a rich personal history in design, Nic has transitioned her expertise into the realm of self-leadership, where she delves into the essence of what it means to live a life of wholeness and fulfillment. At the core of Nic's exploration lies the concept of "Wholeness of Life" — a philosophy that emphasizes integrating all aspects of one's being to achieve a balanced and harmonious existence, whilst having capacity to become active in causes that matter. Nic's dedication to sustainability and Positive Psychology drives her involvement with the Circle Center in Lund. She envisions a community with a "Can-Do-Attitude," where caring is more than sentiment—it's actionable change.

Board of Directors 


Ronja Karvinen

Board Member

Ronja tends to find it hard to remain in one place and is constantly on the go. Her very social character makes her somewhat of an exception to the stereotypical Finnish person. She is passionate about finding solutions for more sustainable lifestyles, and finds joy in sharing ideas with people around her. In her spare time she loves to bake vegan pastries, to sip espressos at crowded cafés and to study development theories. When life becomes a bit too hectic she rolls out her workout mat and tries to finish way too complicated youtube-workouts.

Photo Cara Siepenkort.jpg

Cara Siepenkort

Secretary of the Board

Cara is a Sustainability Expert whos passions lie in addressing systemic issues by challenging the status quo and pushing the sustainability agenda forward! While studying for her master's in Environmental Studies & Sustainability Science, she worked as the Events Manager and Communications Officer at Circle Centre. With her creativity and drive, she loves to connect people and great ideas and is keen to collaborate for creating positive change.

Philipp Montenegro DSC_8464.jpg

Philipp Montenegro

Board Member

Philipp strongly believes in positive change through collaboration and the exchange of ideas and perspectives. He was an officer at Circle Centre during his master’s studies in Sustainability sciences at Lund University. He loves supporting the simple and genius idea of systematically sharing more with more people, whether that is camping gear, sewing knowledge, or perspectives on sustainability. Philipp is a passionate photographer and loves to spend time outdoors photographing nature and wildlife.


Jeremy Meteyer

Board Member

Jeremy is from France and moved to Sweden in 2017. He is passionate about sustainable systems and the role of energy and resources in societal development. He has been involved in waste prevention organisations for the last 5 years and most likely for the next 5 years too! During his free time, Jeremy enjoys reading, outdoor endurance sports and playing saxophone.

The Founders 

Anna Gomez
Egle Kareckaite
Hanniyah Mir
Kyla Wilson
Parren Fountain


Interested in joining the Circle Centre team? 
Volunteer with us! 

You can identify with Circle Centre's values and want to commit some of your free-time to support our mission? We are always looking for motivated Volunteers to support our Officers in their daily work!


Depending on your interests, you could for example help us run opening hours, keep the library space organised, get new items, take pictures of our inventory, or be a helping hand at events. There is always a lot to do and this is only what we can think of right now! If you have more ideas, we would love for you to share them with us!

Circle Centre is not only a great place to put your passion for sustainability into action, but also  to gain valuable experiences and skills, and to be part of a great team! We host regular team events for everyone involved in the organisation and have a fun time together.


Just send us an email in which you tell us a bit about yourself and the area you would like to support us in. We can´t wait to hear from you!

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