Meet the team 


We are the current officers at Circle Centre. We are passionate about circular economy and sustainability. That's why we are dedicating our free time to promote a culture of sharing in place of a culture of individual consumption.


André Wismer

Partnerships Officer

André is originally from Switzerland and came to Lund for a Master's in Environmental Management in Policy at the IIIEE. He is passionate about nature and loves spending time outdoors to connect with nature preferably whilst skiing, camping or hiking with friends.




Finance Officer

Can is a masters student in Human Geography and is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. After living in different cities and countries, he noticed the varying post-challenges of moving from one place to another. One important challenge among all for him is to create an inhabiting space with a lack of knowledge, economic, social and many other assets. He found Circle Centre’s emphasis on sharing economy and conviviality a solution to alleviate those challenges and joined the organization afterwards. Apart from his studies and work in Circle Centre, Can plays ultimate frisbee weekly and enjoys visiting second-hand bookshops and scriptwriting.


Chia-Wen Yang

Inventory Officer

Chia-Wen is from Taiwan, studying at Lund for Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science program. She joined Circle Center because she is passionate about sustainable consumption and tackling overconsumption and wants to learn how the organization works as a non-profit organisation. She usually spends her spare time listening to different genres of music, playing in a local brass band, and converting meaty recipes to vegetarian or vegan recipes.




External Relations Officer

Fabio is originally from Southern Italy, now based in Lund for a BSc in Development Studies. For him, development needs to include aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Circle Centre for him is not only an organisation that strives for a greener future, but also a strong community of supportive and passionate people that share a similar goal. His passions range from global politics, to cooking and traveling. Growing up in Italy, he loves the sea, summers and simply good food and drinks – preferably at sunset, on a beach or by the sea.


Jeremy Meteyer

Technology & Internal Relations Officer

Jeremy is originally from France and moved to Sweden in 2017. Highly interested in the sustainable usage of resources in a society, he co-created Zero Waste Stockholm in 2018 and has been part of the association board since. After moving to Scania in 2021, he joined Circle Centre to learn more about the sharing economy and experience the concept of Library of Things. Jeremy is an outdoor enthusiast - trail running, gravel biking and hiking are always on his schedule!


Kathrine Gjesing

Team & Inventory Officer

Kathrine joined Circle Centre because she wanted to learn about running a local sharing economy and make it relevant and more accessible to the community in Lund. Before moving to Sweden, she worked in the public sector on the interaction between recycling, reuse and social norms. Besides her studies in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, she enjoys sewing, spontaneous bike rides and going to concerts in Lund and Malmö.


Shandana Mufti

Communications Officer

Shandana is currently a Master's student in Media and Communication Studies at Lund University. She is passionate about tackling social justice issues, including climate change, which is a massive social justice issue whose effects are already being felt today - disproportionately by people across the Global South. She joined Circle Centre to learn more about the work being done within Lund to reduce overconsumption and resource waste. Beyond university and Circle Centre, she enjoys live music, meeting new dogs, and baking up vegan treats.




Events Officer

Alici is a Brazilian-American student, currently studying Leadership for Sustainability at Malmo University. She is a Sustainability Science graduate, and since then has been increasingly interested in what shapes and forms the circular economy can take. This is why she joined Circle Centre as an Events Officer, to combine something she is passionate and curious about with her excitement in creating fun atmospheres.

Board of Directors 


Anna Schellenberg

Board President

Anna grew up in the rainy city of Hamburg where she completed her B.S. in Geography and Biology. Through her love for plants and urban gardens she found her way into the magical world of sustainability. During her Masters in Sustainability Science she started working with Circle Centre as a team manager and never really could let go of her passion for the organisation. Today she is highly interested in how a just and sustainable transition can occur in urban spaces, looking on topics such as mobility, consumption and infrastructure. In her free time Anna loves to run just after it rained, get into really dramatic tv series and dream about minimalistic furnished apartments and a life after capitalism.  

Photo Cara Siepenkort.jpg

Cara Siepenkort

Secretary of the Board

Cara is a Sustainability Expert whos passions lie in addressing systemic issues by challenging the status quo and pushing the sustainability agenda forward! While studying for her master's in Environmental Studies & Sustainability Science, she worked as the Events Manager and Communications Officer at Circle Centre. With her creativity and drive, she loves to connect people and great ideas and is keen to collaborate for creating positive change. 

JLRichter portrait.jpg

Jessika Richter

Board Member

​Jessika is a PostDoctoral researcher at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. She researches Circular Economy policies at the municipal, national, and international levels for recycling and repair of electronics. She is also active with Repair Cafes in Malmö and Lund. 

Yuliya Voytenko Palgan 1.jpg


Voytenko Palgan

Board Member

Yuliya is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Development and a Reader in Environmental Economics at the IIIEE, Lund University. She has over 13 years of experience in multicultural, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams. Her research focuses on strategies for sustainability solutions in new economies (i.e. bioeconomy, sharing economy and circular economy) and sustainable urban transformation. She leads a research project Sharing and the City (Formas) and contributes to the research projects Urban Sharing: Sustainability and Institutionalisation (ERC, GA771872) and NATURVATION (EU H2020, GA730243). In her leisure she loves dancing ballroom and jazz, doing yoga, gardening and cycling.


Peter Lindeblad 

Board Member

Peter is a business designer at IKEA, working with innovation and development of circular business models. Peter has been part of the Circular innovation team at IKEA for more than 5 years, and has experience in service design, business modeling, requirement engineering and project management. Peter has a background in business administration from the School of Economics and environmental management and policies from IIIEE. 


Ronja Karvinen

Board Member

Ronja tends to find it hard to remain in one place and is constantly on the go. Her very social character makes her somewhat of an exception to the stereotypical Finnish person. She is passionate about finding solutions for more sustainable lifestyles, and finds joy in sharing ideas with people around her. In her spare time she loves to bake vegan pastries, to sip espressos at crowded cafés and to study development theories. When life becomes a bit too hectic she rolls out her workout mat and tries to finish way too complicated youtube-workouts.

The Founders 

Anna Gomez
Egle Kareckaite
Hanniyah Mir
Kyla Wilson
Parren Fountain


Interested in joining the Circle Centre team? 
Volunteer with us! 

You can identify with Circle Centre's values and want to commit some of your free-time to support our mission? We are always looking for motivated Volunteers to support our Officers in their daily work!


Depending on your interests, you could for example help us run opening hours, keep the library space organised, get new items, take pictures of our inventory, or be a helping hand at events. There is always a lot to do and this is only what we can think of right now! If you have more ideas, we would love for you to share them with us!

Circle Centre is not only a great place to put your passion for sustainability into action, but also  to gain valuable experiences and skills, and to be part of a great team! We host regular team events for everyone involved in the organisation and have a fun time together.


Just send us an email in which you tell us a bit about yourself and the area you would like to support us in. We can´t wait to hear from you!