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Our Mission

All around the world, we can see a worrying trend of over-consumption.

This trend has resulted in unprecedented levels of environmental degradation due to increasing natural resource extraction, greenhouse gas emissions and waste accumulation. We see consumerism as, at least in part, an issue of values, where material needs and wants are emphasised over social and psychological flourishing. By encouraging art, education and the act of sharing, Circle Centre as a space and an idea is aiming to draw attention to and help meet the often overlooked social and psychological needs, including a sense of community, shared culture and personal fulfilment. 

Circle Centre challenges consumerism in two ways.


First, membership in this community, which prioritises sharing over ownership, challenges the values that promote possession of material goods as a sign of status and well-being.


Secondly, by creating a space where people can gather and work on their creative projects as well as share skills and ideas with others, we contribute to changing the dominant paradigm by prioritising culture and intellectual improvement over material goods. These activities bring us closer to the possibility of both social and psychological flourishing and an economy that respects planetary boundaries.

Our Vision and Values


To build a just and sustainable future, we must change the dominant culture of excessive consumption and waste that is driving our planetary systems beyond their natural limits. By fostering and promoting sensibilities associated with sharing, rather than ownership, of infrequently used items, we believe that we can make a meaningful contribution towards restoring our planet’s natural balance.


Environmental sustainability cannot be achieved without social sustainability. Therefore, it is important that our aims and actions reflect the diversity that exists in our community. This means that all individuals - regardless of their socio-economic class, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and other personal aspects - have equal access to the goods, services and physical spaces made available by Circle Centre. 


Building the foundations of a healthy and resilient community requires a high level of social and individual psychological well-being. This level of well-being cannot be achieved and maintained with the fulfilment of material needs only, but rather by addressing social and psychological needs. These include the co-creation, promotion and consumption of art and the exchange of knowledge and skills in safe and welcoming physical and digital meeting spaces.

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