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Why own things if you can borrow them when needed?

Discover our Library of Goods with more than 400 items!


Short-term items, like a drill or tent can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks.

Long-term items, like bedding or wifi routers can be borrowed for up to 1 year.

How borrowing works 

1. Become a Member

To be able to borrow items from our Library of Goods, you first have to sign up as a member

The membership is free and will give you access to all the items in our inventory and the opportunity to use our common workspace.

2. Browse
and reserve

You can now browse through our online catalog and make a reservation for the item you wish to borrow.

3. Pick-up
and use

Pick-up your item during our opening hours and use it at home, or directly in our common workspace.

4. Return

If you took your item home, return it after the agreed borrowing time back to our Library. Returns can be made during our opening hours.

Opening Hours

Reserve your item online and pick it up during our opening hours. Our Library of Goods is open twice per week.

Tuesday             17:30 - 19h 

Saturday            10:30 - 12h


Hej! Are you missing something in our inventory? Then add it to our wishlist and we will try our best to get it.

Where to find us?

Only 700 meters from Mårtenstorget,

Circle Centre is centrally located at Petroleumhuset.

Kastanjegatan 15

223 57 Lund, Sweden

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