Do you want to help us keep Circle Centre running? 

Make a donation to support the culture of sharing!

Have you borrowed something from our library of goods or attended one of our events?

We are happy to receive donations which help us keep our library of goods running and host future events.


As we are a non-profit-organization all the profits generated will be reinvested into fixing  and expanding our inventory.

Monetary Donation

We accept donations through Swish:



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Material Donation

Are you leaving Lund or simply have stuff you don't need anymore?
We also gladly accept material donations. Contact us to schedule a time for drop-off or to arrange a pick up. 

While we are happy to accept most household goods and outdoor gear, we are especially seeking these items from our wishlist:

  • Kitchen equipment, such as food processor, stand mixer, toaster, dutch oven

  • Sports gear such as weights, bands, and badminton racquets

  • Air mattresses 

  • Hiking and camping gear

  • Bike trailer or cargo bike

  • Guitar

  • Speaker

  • Towels (must be clean and in good condition)

  • Routers

  • Hair dryers

  • Waste pickers

  • Tool box

  • Cooler / ice chest