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Become a Member  

To be able to borrow items from our Library of Goods, you first have to sign up as a member! 

The membership is free and will give you access to all the items in our inventory and the opportunity to use our common workspace.

Borrow from our Library of Goods

With a free membership, you can borrow all short-term items for up to 14 days. Long-term items can even be borrowed for up to 12 months.

Some items will have a loan fee and a deposit, while many items remain free. The loan fee is to cover maintenance costs* and the deposit is reimbursed when returning the item. 

*As we are a non-profit-organisation all the profits generated will be reinvested into fixing  and expanding our inventory.

Use our Common Workspace

A Circle Centre membership also gives you access to our common workspace. Here you can work independently or collaboratively on your personal DIY projects.

For example, bring your fabric and use the Circle Centre sewing machine during our opening hours in-house, instead of taking it home with you.

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